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Fluid Produzioni is an independent film and audiovisual production company. The company’s headquarters and registered office are based in Apulia, with additional branches in Rome and Milan.

Over the years we have developed an editorial portfolio of original productions, which stand out thanks to our research, authorship and extra-ordinary thinking.

Our catalogue includes documentaries, feature films, short films, commercials, tv-series and web-series. Several of our original productions have been shown at the most prestigious international film festivals.

We offer executive production services in Apulia, a region which is considered to be one of the most sought-after territories in the national and international audiovisual industry, thanks to its public financial resources, variety of locations and local professionalism.

Davide Barletti

Davide Barletti (1972) has been working as screenwriter, director and producer since 1995 for several works, including movies, documentaries, short films and tv-series.

He’s a member of the Academy of Italian Cinema David di Donatello, founder of the Fluid Video Crew group, with which he has told the realities of the 90’s Italian counterculture.

In 2010 he founded Fluid Produzioni and picked his homeland of Puglia as his headquarter.

The movies he has made as director and producer have been selected and awarded at the most important International Film Festivals.

He loves cinema, the rebellion of adolescence, the way you can see the Albanian mountains from the Salentinian coast, slow trains and historical novels.




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Carlo Arturo Sigon

Carlo Arturo Sigon (1964) is a director, screenwriter and professor. Since 1990 his work has included the realisation of commercials, documentaries, videoclips and one feature film. His works have been presented and awarded in several national and international Film Festivals. He is among the founders of AIR3 (Italian Directors Association) and he has served as president from 2018 to 2022.

Since 2012 he has worked as a professor of Film Directing for the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti di Milano.

“I’ve wanted to be a director for as long as I can remember. Being a director has always been better than being the president of the United States for me…but I also wouldn’t have minded being a carpenter.”




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Emanuela De Giorgi

Emanuela de Giorgi, line and executive producer, has trained as a documentary maker at the Florence “Festival dei popoli”. After spending some time in between Turin and Boston she settled in Apulia and has been collaborating for over 20 years with Fluid Produzioni and several other production companies, both national and international.



Operational headquarters

Fluid Produzioni srl
Viale Gallipoli 1/d
73100 Lecce
+39 0832 1699214

Head office

Fluid Produzioni srl
Prov.le Arnesano – Novoli Km 3
73010 Arnesano
P.IVA 05749341003
Codice destinatario KRRH6B9

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