L’invenzione della neve

Feature Film

L’invenzione della neve

Executive production



Carmen loves too deeply, she loves in her own way and the world doesn’t forgive her for it. She and Maximo broke up, but Carmen keeps seeing him as the love of her life. She loves Giada, the daughter they have together, who is 5 years old now. The custody has been given to the father, the mother is allowed to see her once every 15 days. Carmen is not fine with that, she knows she has made mistakes, but she also knows she is a good mother and she won’t let what happened to her as a child happen again. If the world wants to destroy her, she’ll just have to change the world.

Director : Vittorio Moroni
Screenplay: Igor Brunello, Luca De Bei, Vittorio Moroni
Photograpy: Massimo Schiavon, Andrea Caccia
Editing: Mattia Soranzo
Sound director: Gianluigi Gallo
Boom operator: Daniele Sosio
Actors coach: Rosa Morelli
Production manager: Davide Barletti
Set designer: Egle Calò
Costume designer: Angela Tomasicchio
Make-up: Adriana Apruzzo
Original music: Mario Mariani
Music publisher: Ala Bianca Group srl
Animation: Gianluigi Toccafondo
Production company: 50N
Executive production Fluid Produzioni
Distribution company: I Wonder Pictures Italia


  • I Wonder Pictures Italia


  • Festival del Cinema di Venezia 2023 – Giornate degli Autori

“L’invenzione della neve, is a little intimate miracle, in Dardenne’s style with a magnetic Elena Gigliotti…”

Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Vittorio Moroni, with an excellent cast, creates a work which knows how to get into a parental conflict with intensity and emotional involvement, a conflict which has the same sour taste as reality”


“If the idea of cinema is strong, Elena Gigliotti’s performance is even stronger”


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