A portrait of Ettore Scola

A portrait of Ettore Scola

Executive production



Un ritratto di Ettore Scola is the tale of a life lived in and for the cinema. It is one of the possible and endless traits of one of the greatest italian directors: Ettore Scola (Trevico, 1931) film-maker, screenwriter, illustrator, scholar who told 50 years of history through his films. A slice of Italy’s history seen through the lenses of one of the protagonists of the richest season of Italian culture and cinema. Ettore Scola’s passionate storytelling shakes off the dust of time, making it twist and twirl in the glimmer of old projectors and legendary moviolas. A journey through time by the staging of a “memory room” built with the most evocative images from the great director’s movies, the most important moments from his personal life, dictated by the country’s historical events.

A space full of imagery stands out with voices, echoes, frames and work tools of one of the most influential artisans of image and writing in cinema. A space meant for self reflection in which everyone can find themselves, their dreams, impulses, desires and disappointments.

An entire time period reinterpreted through the director’s personal memories. His movies’ main characters are masks and facades of our society, and they come back to life to show us just how much they can still say about our present time.

Direction: Davide Barletti e Lorenzo Conte
Art director: Gabriele Gianni
Cinematograpy Michele Nassuato e Gabriele Gianni
Editing: Gabriele Gianni
Sound: Federico Tummolo
Music: Antongiulio Galeandro
Sound editing: Mario Salvucci
Executive producer:Davide Barletti
Produzione: RAI Cultura
Produzione esecutiva: Fluid Produzioni


  • Rai 3 – Rai Storia


  • Bif&st 2012
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