Wind of Swabia

Wind of Swabia

Original production



Wind of Swabia tells an almost Dante-like story of a stubborn but contradictory opposition to industry giants. The giants in question are the power station near the city of Brindisi: the petrochemical plant Eni and the carbon plant Enel, based in Cerano. For the first time the director doesn’t only observe from nearby, he gets inside. It tells the story of a crucial present problem: the modern conflict between progress and environmental and socio sanitary damage. To observe Brindisi, it means to observe the archetype of a model of unsustainable development, chased in several Southern regions all over the world and proposed again and again, as proven by what is still happening in that same Salento region Brindisi is in, with the construction of the gas pipeline Tap.

Direction Corrado Punzi
Subjet: Stefano Martella, Corrado Punzi
Screenplay: Francesco Lefons, Corrado Punzi
Production: Fluid Produzioni, Muud Film
Editing: Cristian Sabatelli
Cinematographer: Corrado Punzi
Sound: Gianluigi Gallo
Set design Luigi Conte
Mix: Soundwalk Studio
Producer: Davide Barletti
Executives producers: Stefano Martella, Davide Barletti


  • Hot Docs 2018: International Spectrum – TIE! Special Jury Prize
  • Torino Film Festival 2017: Italiana.doc

Charming tale, full of deep implications and views both tough and fairy-tale-like


S. Silvestri (Il Manifesto)

The construction of the tale is geometrical and the movie was shot with great artistry

A. Aniballi (Quinlan)

Punzi gets away from the normal documentary and builds a great portrayal focused on the relation between images and background (…) Wind of Swabia is a work which concerns all of us: it is a manifesto of poetical social justice.

L. Bandirali (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia)

A nice lesson of style and orthodox documentaries. You can’t not admire the choice to dedicate long and virtuous frames of daily life, to ships which leave port to working public transit, just like a poem made of image and sound


A. Mancino (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)

A solid and well-directed documentary, which has the privilege of digging deep into a tragic social problem

A. Capellupo (Cinemaitaliano)

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